OCA Mendol Lda is a 20th Century family enterprise converted into a Share Company

and duly organized under the laws of Portugal since January 2004. We established

farming in the province of Alentejo, Portugal, and currently offer:

•o        Olive oil in pure state, natural genuine olive juice Azeite virgin, PDO

(Protected Denomination of Origin) Alto Alentejo. We farmers produce

the olive oil from the "Galega" cultivar olive fruits, harvested in late Autumn.

 We process the oil manually, and do not use any chemical refinements

or further process. This olive oil is considered to be the elixir of life and longevity.

A superior seasoning or cooking oil.

•o        Red and white wine - an authentic PGI (Protected Geographic Indication)

Alto Alentejo, produced by us farmers from selected harvested grapes,

in stainless steel vats under controlled temperature. A connoisseur's delight.

•o        Olives and olive leaf tea - traditionally prepared and sold in bulk.


Contact us at: mendol@mendol.com.pt | PHONE: +351 266 407 042 | LAST UPDATE: November 2014